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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: Building NekoHTML on Unix?
Date Sun, 08 Apr 2007 16:31:13 GMT
Rich Morin wrote:
> Thanks; that's useful information.  Looking at
>   .../cocoon-2.1.10/INSTALL.txt
> I see that
>   Blocks provide services that you might not need,
>   therefore the build system allows you to remove
>   them from the build.
> This seems to imply that the default build includes
> (pretty much) everything.  So, I may already have
> the html block in place.  However, a quick look at
>   .../cocoon-2.1.10/
> doesn't tell me whether this is the case.  Pending
> further feedback, I'll assume that this is so.
> Getting back to the question of the samples that
> Bertrand linked me to, I'm still unable to get to
> any useful information there.  Specifically,
> contains several links labeled "Cocoon News Website".
> The one under "NekoHTMLGenerator" takes me to

OK, stop here.  This page IS the live sample.  In the background, Cocoon 
is grabbing the HTML from, feeding that to 
the NekoHTMLGenerator, transforming it with an XSLT stylesheet, and 
serializing as XHTML.  You can see this in the sitemap for that sample:

<map:match pattern="apache-neko">
    <map:generate type="nekohtml" src=""/>
    <map:transform src="stylesheets/apache-no-namespace.xsl"/>
    <map:serialize type="xhtml"/>

The rest of the samples behave similarly; check out the sitemap.xmap 
from the html block's samples (under src/blocks/html/samples in the 
Cocoon source code) for the rest.

> This page contains several links.  Clicking on the
> most recent, I'm taken to a "Cocoon News" page at
> This page tells me that there are several Cocoon
> releases, and contains several on-page links, but it
> has no links (that I can see) to anything useful.  I
> tried this under both OmniWeb and Firefox, in case I
> was encountering a browser problem, but no luck.
> Am I missing some vital clue?
> -r

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