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From Wendell Piez <>
Subject Re: raster (jpeg, png) graphics in Batik SVG rasterizer under Cocoon
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 20:52:12 GMT
Hi Marc,

At 02:37 AM 4/2/2007, you wrote:
>i had a similar pb and it was because of 
> and a pb in the 
>endDocument function because of a bad base url and something about a 
>call to the setDocumentLocator function.
>I didn't really solved the issue, just pointed it and changed it to 
>fit my needs.
>Look in the logs if you have something like *setDocumentLocator was 
>not called, will use base uri*

This is in line with Joerg's idea, and more or less my best guess too.

To answer the question Jeroen asked, I'm still seeing the problem in 
Cocoon 2.1.10 under Windows XP.

In the SVG, the URIs to the jpegs are relative. How is the base uri 
of the SVG defined for the rasterizer, if it is generated 
dynamically? (The jpegs are relative to the source XML, and as I 
said, when pointing Batik at the generated SVGs, it finds the jpegs; 
it's the rasterizer that doesn't.)

So it sounds to me like Joerg is on the right track:
>can it be just a problem of source resolving? PDF and JPG/PNG 
>serializers suffered from the lack of being able to resolve relative 
>paths for ages. This was only recently fixed in the FOP NG block on 
>trunk for PDF, but I don't know of any fix for Batik.

Marc, are you implying that if I use absolute URIs that'll work? 
Worth a try, for sure. (And something I should have thought of. :-)

If anyone has any other good ideas I'd love to hear them.


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