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From "Warrell" <>
Subject RE: DynamicSelectionList filter parameter
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 15:55:26 GMT
Thanks very much for your response, Pieter.

I agree that I could have gone that route as I have used that technique
(based on the samples) in a previous project.

On this project, I have been trying to use more declarative techniques (I'm
weird like that) hence the cry for help with the DynamicSelectionList filter
stuff. I abandoned the DynamicSelectionList approach shortly after lunch.

However, because I have the filter parameter (team) in the flowscript I went
with using the loadDocument function to load it into the form from the
flowscript :-

    var sources = loadDocument("cocoon:/sources?filter="+team);

    // Show the form
    form.showForm("viewform-client-create.html", { team: team, sources:
sources });

This puts the filtered values in scope for the form. The form definition
uses flow-jxpath to get them into the selection list :-

	<fd:selection-list type="flow-jxpath" list-path="//entry"
value-path="value" label-path="label"/>

Unbelievably, it worked first time although how the flow-jxpath 'knows' what
object the XML is in I don't know.

That's the 'magic' of Cocoon,

Thanks again,


-----Original Message-----
From: news [] On Behalf Of Pieter Delmee
Sent: 24 April 2007 16:20
Subject: Re: DynamicSelectionList filter parameter

Warrell wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone shed a bit more light on how to user the filter parameter? 
> The documentation states :-
> This list is filterable, and if a filter is provided, the "filter" 
> parameter is appended to the URL, e.g. <fd:selection-list 
> src="cocoon://pipeline.xml"/>  will call, given the "foo" filter 
> value, the URL cocoon://pipeline.xml?filter=foo.
> Where do I specify the parameter value? What I would like to do is :-
> In the Template form define the selection list as
> 	<fd:field id="sourcecode" required="true">
> 		<fd:label>Source Code:</fd:label>
> 	      <fd:datatype base="string"/>
> 	      <fd:selection-list src="cocoon:/sources" cache="request"/>
> 	</fd:field>
> Then in the Instance form do something like :-
> 	<ft:widget id="sourcecode">
> 		<filter>${team}</filter>
> 	</ft:widget>
> So that in the sitemap I can do :-
> 	<map:match pattern="sources">
> 		<map:generate src="teams.xml"/>
> 		<map:transform src="filterTeamsToSL.xsl">
> 			<map:parameter name="team"
> value="{request-param:filter}"/>
> 		</map:transform>
> 		<map:serialize type="xml"/>
> 	</map:match>
> Is this how it's supposed to work? I will take another look at the 
> Java source but any help would be very welcome,
> Regards
> Warrell

Hi Warrell,

You can set the filter in the fd:on-value-changed javascript.
Using your sourcecode field you'ld need another field in which the filter is
specified, for example:

<fd:field id="filter">
   <fd:datatype base="string"/>
       var sourcecodeWidget = this.lookupWidget('../sourcecode');
       if (this.value != null) {
         sourcecodeWidget.setSelectionList('cocoon:/sources?filter=' +
       } else {

You can also use the following lines to enable/disable the field when
there's no filter specified.




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