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From "Franziska Witzani" <>
Subject AW: AW: Continuations: Snapshot or Pointers?
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2007 08:29:21 GMT

--Can you show the sample with PageLocal. I'm just interested and haven't 
--used it yet.

I did not test the pageLocal-thing with this example. But the use would be like this:

var finalDataContainer = cocoon.createPageLocal();
finalDataContainer.stammdaten = value;

When going back with continuations, the contents of this object are always set back to the
state they had, when the called continuation had been created.

--> And I have another question:
--> How can I serialize the contents of a CForms-Datamodel which you get ----->from
--> Into the PageLocal-Object?

--What's your actual goal here? To restore the complete data model? I 
--don't know what formObject.getModel() actually returns. But if these are 
--objects, only references can be stored.

Imagine a dialog (several pages with cforms, collecting a variety of data from the user),
where the data being collected can vary depending on the data the user fills in. So there
can be pages that will or won't appear or likely, pages which consist of several parts that
will or won't be shown.

So, the user can follow different branches/paths through the dialog.
Having the possibility to navigate back and forth with continuations can cause the situation
that he has provided data, that, going back and choosing another branch isn't necessary any

I need the pageLocal-variable for having a variable at the end of the flowscript that only
holds the relevant data. (For saving it, for example)
The object I get back from myCFormsFormObject.getModel(); 
holds all the data the user ever has provided, which is sensible for pre-filling-in the forms
he has already filled before.

As I explained before, I need to serialize the contents of the data model into the pageLocal-object.

dataModel = myCFormsFormObject.getModel();

So, what I need is more information about the data model object.
You can read the values from it, if you know the id that the corresponding field had in the
form definition. Like:
vorname = dataModel.vorname;

But I need a way to read ALL the values, without explicitly knowing their ids for being able
to read them in a loop.

for(var schluessel in dataModel)

This doesn't work, because it seems to be a Java object. 
I found out, that the dataModel-Object must be an instance of Widget.
But in I cannot find how the values are held.

Can anyone please tell me, how to solve that?

Thanks a lot!


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