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From "Franziska Witzani" <>
Subject Continuations: Snapshot or Pointers?
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 14:02:15 GMT


Now it's my turn to ask for help:


According to the documentation I have (especially the book of Stephan
Niedermeier), a continuation is a snapshot of the variables of the
flowscript (by the time the continuation is created/saved) and a pointer to
the point of the flowscript which actually is being executed.

I experienced, that this is not exactly the case. What seems to be saved
within the continuation is not a snapshot of the variables, but only
pointers to their values. 

(For example, if you have a counter, which is incremented after each
"sendPageAndWait()" it will not be set back if you go back with
continuations, but always hold the highest value.)


Is there a way to change that by configuring something, or will I have to
change the Cocoon-source code or find another way around it?



Franziska Witzani


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