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From "Andrew Madu" <>
Subject Re: XHTML Serialization error
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 15:07:29 GMT

I will bring the whole Jboss application one level (directory) up and see if
> that helps!!

Well well well, that was it!! It initially didn't work with the all in one
serialization jar as that doesn't have all the required charset classes. So
stick with the two serializer.jar format.

Saying all of that though, I am now getting a very strange alert when
loading my login page which says:

'WARNING:_editor_url is not set! You should set this variable to the editor
files path; it should preferably be an absolute path, like in '/htmlarea',
but it can be relative if you prefer. Further we will try to load the editor
files correctly but we'll probably fail.'

It would seem that this error is tied in with this snippet of javascript in
the browser output:

<script type="text/javascript">
   _editor_url = &quot;resources/forms/htmlarea/&quot;;
 _editor_lang = &quot;en&quot;;

If you are using FireFox, in my case 1.5.0, and have debugging on you will
see 4 generated javascript errors, which are:

_editor_url = &quot;resources/forms/htmlarea/&quot;;
cocoon.forms has no properties

Looks like the xhtml serialization process is breaking dojo as the page
completely reloads if you submit the empty form (all the fields are
required). Feel free to take a look by going to

So far so good. Thank you so much for your all of your help and patience on
this issue. Much appreciated.



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