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From "Ard Schrijvers" <>
Subject RE: Poll module for Cocoon?
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 09:20:50 GMT

> Ard
> I agree it might not be that hard to make (and certainly easier for 
> some than others!) ; but I thought that before I put in a whole 
> chunk of time into it, I would just ask first, as this is a feature 
> that quite a number of website seem to use...

certainly true! We (Hippo) are now building some standard jars to do it ones and for all.
Only not sure wether they are common enough for everybody. We persist the result with jpox

> Yes, data will need to be stored in XML file.  It could be flowscript
> driven, if needed.  Not sure how much "logic" is required - a simple
> counter for each option is all that is required. For me, my main
> lack of knowledge is how to load and manipulate XML data from a 
> file in flowscript, as this somehow seems quite cumbersome??

This shouldn't be hard at all. All the flowscript would have to do is bind your object model
to a form with CForms. Then, write some classes to persist your result (direct in xml, direct
in dbase, jdo, etc etc). 

But to answer your question, I do not think there is a standard feature enabling all you want
yet. Within 2 weeks I will probably have checked some things in in our svn (
but not sure wether you want to wait for this, and wether it would be general enough for you
(although, just a poll should be general enough).

Theoretically, when added to the svn, all you would need to do is add a jpox dependency, add
some dependencies on jars from our repository, and create a poll (there will be an interface
for this ofcourse). Then, in cocoon site, you would need a poll sitemap and do some standard


> Derek
> >>> "Ard Schrijvers" <> 2007/03/02 06:17 PM >>>
> > 
> > Hi
> >  
> > Does anyone have, or know of, a module that can be readily 
> > added into a
> > Cocoon website, that allows users to vote on a topical subject. 
> There
> > are typically a list of radio-button choices, and the results of the
> > survey are immediately presented to the user once he/she has voted. 
> > Ideally, this module should be a pure XML/XSLT solution, with no
> > database back-end needed.
> But you have to store the result of a poll somewhere, right? You store
> it in an xml file then? Furthermore, it should be very easy to make a
> poll like this with CForms. Or do you mean with pure that you do not
> want to use flowscript? But pure XML/XSLT...I do not get 
> where you want
> to have your logic then...
> Ard
> >  
> > Thanks
> > Derek
> >  
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