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From "Steven D. Majewski" <>
Subject Re: request-parameters selector usage [ & unparsed-entity-uri() hack ]
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2007 00:17:31 GMT

Thanks to both Grzegorz Kossakowski and Andrew Stevens
who both pointed me to RequestParameterExistsAction.

This does exactly what I want:

   <map:match pattern="*/*.*">
      <map:act type="req-params" >
         <map:parameter name="parameters" value="unparsed-entity-uri" />
2}.xml&amp;entity=unparsed-entity-uri" />
      <map:generate src="published/{1}/{2}.xml" />

	... normal document processing ...

BTW: this is  part of a hack to work around the (many-times-reported)
bug that cocoon seems to break unparsed-entity-uri() in the xslt  

I'll post more on this later, as I know others have run into this  

This hack doesn't fix what's wrong in the processing pipeline. It's a  
around the problem: I changed my stylesheets to output relative uri's
with the entity name as a request parameter.

The map above redirects those uri's to a flowscript resolver that
     parses the xml and does a redirectTo().

  (I'ld like to figure out how to short-circuit the xml parser after
    it has finished the entities and before it starts on the body of
    the document. All of the other handlers are default/null handlers,
    but it still parses the whole document. )

-- Steve Majewski

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