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From David Legg <>
Subject Re: Spring Contexts
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007 00:04:10 GMT

Lally Singh wrote:
> If anyone knows a _short_ book on getting up to speed on using
> Spring, I'd appreciate it.  The tomes I've got on Cocoon & Hibernate
> are already pretty heavy.

My favourite is "Spring A developer's Notebook" by Tate & Gehtland 
published by O'Reilly: ISBN 0-596-00910-0 in a Purple cover.

O'Reilly also do a "Hibernate A Developer's Notebook" in the same series 
which I found very readable too.

I might get shot for this... but I'd be tempted to use the 'Singleton' 
pattern to manage the Spring context.  I think the 'proper' way to do it 
is to create your own Cocoon component which implements ThreadSafe and 
Contextualizable.  You could then create and inject the Spring context 
into this at initialization time.  It should then be available from the 
context of your application and not have to be explicitly passed around 
as a parameter.

I did this once for the HiveMind Registry so I could follow the "Bricks 
CMS" demo (

David Legg

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