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From Dev at weitling <>
Subject Re: redirect from xsl
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 11:17:39 GMT
Seems to become an interesting discussion :-)

Push = pushing actively a fistful of data to some place
Pull = retrieving data from some place by "asking for it"

>> Inside a pipeline a Generator calls SAX methods of a connected
>> Transformer which calls methods of another Transformer and so on till
>> calling the SAX methods of a Serializer. From this point of 
>> view it's push.
> Where did you read this? Doesn't sound like push to me, and not like the way it works

Well, then please explain how it works inside a pipeline.
The serializer S cannot tell the transformer T to give it some element,
nor can T ask the generator G to provide data. Following the SAX api the
generator G tells the transformer T that there is now an XML element
starting (startElement). T may leave it unchanged, modifies it or just
drop it when notifying S with the same API method.

> Creating compound pipelines has nothing todo with the concept of push or pull the way
we are used to talk about push and pull, hence my remark that I would rather not mix up these
terms the way you do

If "we" is the community of Cocoon developers it would be fine to have a
definition of these terms by hand.

To get back to Tomas' problem: He wanted to take the word "true" (i.e.
some data) and forward to another page (meaning a browser page ->
redirect, meaning a pipeline -> push). Do you rate my first post to him
as "helpful" or was in inherently wrong?

BTW: Le mie opinione possono cambiare, ma non il fatto che io ho
ragione! ;-)


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