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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: XHTML Serializer block/Ajax: Bug
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2007 23:30:23 GMT
On 19.03.2007 14:41, Jason Johnston wrote:

>>>> Yes, I only fixed the html serializer and that fix is not appropriate
>>>> for the xhtml. In html, the contents of the script tag is defined as a
>>>> cdata section, therefore there should be no encoding inside the script.
>>>> And that's what I fixed.
>>>> With xhtml the contents of script is defined as pcdata, so the solution
>>>> would be to create a block like this:
>>>> <script type="text/javascript">
>>>> /* <![CDATA[ */
>>>> /* ]]> */
>>>> </script>
>>>> I definitly think that we should fix this in the serializer by adding a
>>>> "/* <![CDATA[ */" when a script tag opens and a "/* ]]> */" before
>>>> script tag closes. Additionally no encoding inside the script tag (as
>>>> with the html serializer).
> Well since Jörg is so strongly against it, and I don't feel like 
> swimming upstream against his opinion, I'm not going to bother.  If you 
> still feel like taking that on (both the code and the argument) feel free.

I don't want to block this feature if people think it's useful. I only 
wanted to convince that using XHTMLSerializer where it is not 
appropriate does not buy the user anything, forces us to handle quirks 
though actually not necessary and might force the user to handle 
additional problems he would not have when not using XHTMLSerializer.


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