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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: File Generator and Compressed XML
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 22:58:02 GMT
Hi Leonid,

thanks for your detailed investigations. I added it to Jira [1] and 
fixed part 1. Additionally to this issue with protocolEnd there was an 
error in getURI() of ZipSource. Instead of

   return this.protocol + this.archive.getURI() + "!/" + this.filePath;

it has to be

   return this.protocol + ":" + this.archive.getURI() + "!/" + 

On 12.03.2007 15:52, Leonid Geller wrote:

> 2. When using a SYSTEM identifier with relative DTD path, the XML parser will look for
the file relative to the URI of the zipped source,!/source.xml which is obviously
going to fail.
> Here, the solution is to have the source implementation class (in this case org.apache.cocoon.components.source.impl.ZipSource)
to change getURI method to return source.xml based on location, w/o the zip protocol.
Current implementation:
> 	return this.protocol + this.archive.getURI() + "!/" + this.filePath;
> is not going to work. Something like this will:
>     	int iZipIdx = this.archive.getURI().lastIndexOf("/");
> 	if (iZipIdx < 0) iZipIdx = 0;
>     	return this.archive.getURI().substring(0,iZipIdx)+"/"+ this.filePath;

For your 2nd part I don't know if I can follow or agree. Let's assume 
there is a file "zip:file://!/test.xml" (as in the test case). 
In which way do you expect a relative path to be resolved? IMO 
zip:file:// is the context and must not be left. So with a 
relative "test.dtd" it should be "zip:file://!/test.dtd". Even 
an absolute path like "/test.dtd" should stay in the zip archive 
context, while I'd assume a path with protocol to be resolved out of 
this context.



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