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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: CONTEXT_WORK_DIR from flowscript
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 13:42:41 GMT
Ard Schrijvers wrote:
>> The context returned by cocoon.context is not the Avalon context it's
>> the environment context which is mapped to the servlet context.
> So cocoon.context.getAttribute(org.apache.cocoon.Constants.CONTEXT_WORK_DIR) works or
does not work according the above?
> I thought it just should work the way I mailed it
> (though the org.apache.cocoon i meant implicitely because you might
have equally well imported the class and use Constants.CONTEXT_WORK_DIR)
Sorry for my brief answer: it does not work. The constants defined in
the Constants class starting with CONTEXT all refer to the Avalon
component context. cocoon.context is the o.a.c.environment.Context
class; it has no pre defined attributes, but as it is mapped to the
servlet context, it has all attributes from the servlet context.

To add more confusion, there is a constant in the Constants class which
points to the o.a.c.environment.Context object in the Avalon context

Now, this is all a little bit..ehm...messy, but it's the way it has been
defined years ago.


Carsten Ziegeler

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