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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: JavaFlow and try blocks inside try-catch-finally blocks
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 22:04:17 GMT

On 26.03.2007, at 09:19, wrote:

> Hi,
> This weekend I was working on learning how to use JavaFlow instead  
> of Flowscript (I like to debug in Eclipse). I ran into some really  
> strange Problems when migrating my database code. As soon as I  
> added the try-catch-wrapped close statements into the finally block  
> of an SQL query-code. I get really cryptic error messages from a  
> weird apache engine ;)

Well ...that's a known limitation: try-catch-finally. It's not that  
this cannot be fixed - but I am wondering: what behavior would you  
have expected?

> I added a workaround, that isn't really a workaround (didn't want  
> to catch "Throwable"). Any Ideas? One idea I had, was to add a  
> second class and only to use the JavaFlow class as entry-point and  
> to use a utility class for all the complicated fun-stuff.

Well, no matter what - this has to be fixed in javaflow - but frankly  
speaking having some separation doesn't sound like such a bad idea ;)

Flow should only act as the controller!


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