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From Roel Croonenberghs <>
Subject set value of a field
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 14:30:45 GMT

I have a form with binding, define and template. I receive my information 
to display via a webservice in xml. I receive a value (5) in an element, 
but when i do the post of my form i want it to send a value of 10. How can 
I do that?

<bnd:value id="status"               path="data/new_status"/>

<wd:field id="status">
    <wd:datatype base="string"/> 

        <td width="80px"><wt:widget-label id="status"/></td>
        <td><wt:widget id="driver"></wt:widget></td>

Thank you

Roel Croonenberghs
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