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From "Lally Singh" <>
Subject Re: Stability of Cocoon 2.2 SVN
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 16:17:15 GMT
Thanks for the quick reply!

We're building a survey system, with LDAP auth and some fairly
in-depth reporting.  I'm working on Hibernate integration right now,
and will worry about learning CForms and cocoon's authentication
system after that.

On 2/13/07, Grzegorz Kossakowski <> wrote:
> Lally Singh napisaƂ(a):
> > Hey everyone, I'm planning on doing a new project in Cocoon, and was
> > wondering if the SVN (2.2) codebase is stable enough for production
> > use?
> >
> > I'm mostly interested in its mavenization and use of Spring. Maven's
> > pretty important, Spring can be replaced as long as Hibernate or an
> > equivalent is available.
> >
> It depends on which parts of C2.2 you are going to use. You've mentioned
> Spring support, from my experience I can say that is really stable and
> usable. I've written few Spring-based components for C2.2 and they work
> like a charm. Whole core seems work well at least for me (I do some
> little modifications of core). From time to time some modules are
> added/removed/refactored which can lead to broken builds but it's
> usually really easy to fix that.
> Also its worth saying that many important parts of C2.2 will get
> released as with status RC or milestone to the Maven's repository really
> soon. I think it's best option to use these released artifacts as it'll
> be the easiest and the most reliable way to try C2.2.
> Please provide further details of requirements/plans or more specific
> questions so we could provide more concrete answers.
> --
> Grzegorz Kossakowski
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