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From "J.D. Williams" <>
Subject Re: Authentication Framework and database
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 15:56:27 GMT
Nice catch on the ":" instead of "-"

Unfortunately, it did not work.

Tried your other suggestions, as well, and others, too. Any clue on
where I might look or how I might determine where the problem is?

Here is the authentication matcher.

       <map:match pattern="authenticate">
       <map:generate src="docs/sql-page.xml"/>
       <map:transform type="sql">
          <map:parameter name="use-connection" value="sandbox"/>
          <map:parameter name="show-nr-of-rows" value="true"/>
          <map:parameter name="username"
        <map:transform src="stylesheets/sql2html.xsl">
          <map:parameter name="servletPath"
          <map:parameter name="sitemapURI"
          <map:parameter name="contextPath"
          <map:parameter name="file" value=".xml"/>
        <map:serialize type="xml"/>

And here is the query from sql-page.xml

    <sql:execute-query xmlns:sql="">
      <sql:query>select name from user where name =
'<sql:substitute-value name="username"/>'</sql:query>

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