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From "Gary Larsen" <>
Subject HSSFSerializer cell style
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 14:29:16 GMT
It seems that the only way to apply styles to cells is with <StyleRegion>
but in my case it's difficult to predict beforehand which cells will need

Is there a way to apply formatting in the <Cell> element?  I found this in
the Gnumeric File Format doc:

	<gmr:Cell Col="0" Row="0" Style="0">

And this structure in an email:

		<Style No="1" ....>

That HSSFSerializer chokes on that but this is accepted:

		<CellStyle No="1" Back="9800:CC00:F800"/>
		<CellStyle No="LeftAlign" HAlign="2"/>

But appling the style to a cell has no effect:

	<gmr:Cell Col="1" ValueType="30" Style="LeftAlign">

Does anyone know if this is possible?


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