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From thomason <>
Subject Re: Improving XSLT performance
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 20:42:07 GMT
on 1/5/07 1:07 PM, Gary Larsen at wrote:
> The answer is 'probably it depends', but generally speaking is the upgrade
> to 2.1.* (from 2.1.7) very difficult for most applications?  Is there info
> anywhere on upgrading?  What would be other justifications for an upgrade?
It has been pretty much been plug-and-play when I have migrated several
large apps with each new release (2.1.4 through 2.1.10; 2.2 seems to be a
different issue).
Reason to upgrade: improved/added features and stability (e.g. newjx, ajax).
If you are using jx for CForms, the performance of the newjx generator is
worth an upgrade.
Biggest gotcha: forgetting to include app specific jars in the build (e.g.,
activation, mail, saxon). You can drop them in the lib afterward and
Most extensive required modification: in form templates, changing the action
attribute in the ft:form-template element from
action="#{$continuation/id}.continue" to
action="#{$cocoon/continuation/id}.continue" for the newjx generator.

I'm sure there have been other minor changes associated with an upgrade, but
these have not been difficult or time consuming.

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