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From "Robert, Danny" <>
Subject RE: linking excalibur sources to request
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2007 14:12:49 GMT
I can try and simplify the requirements a little:  Is there any way to
link all file:// sources read to the original request?

Basically, cocoon is not driving our site, but a lot of our content
relies on a dispatcher to cocoon.  Our site caches the contents of each
page unless a Source linked to that particular page is marked as
'changed', at which point, the page's cache entry is cleared.
Therefore, we need some way of linking files to a particular request.
The default cocoon approach of using timestamps has bit us in the past
as for some reason, certain files' timestamps were out of sync between
our stage and production environments and certain files were therefore
never updated.

I'm working on another approach right now, but I would still really like
to know if this approach is possible; it would greatly simplify my work.


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From: Ard Schrijvers [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 8:49 AM
Subject: RE: linking excalibur sources to request

> A simplified version of the problem I'm working on:
> I need to be able to associate all (Excalibur) Sources used during a
> pipeline with the initial request.  That is:
> 1) Request comes in through the Servlet
> 2) The pipeline executes
> 3) The servlet, upon completion, can output the URI for each 
> Source read
> from during the pipeline.

A strange requirement. Do you realizee that cocoon:/ and cocoon:// and
context:/ and file://, upload:// etc would all classify as your
(Excalibar) sources. Actually, what you ask is to register within one
request, all things that are resolved by the excalibur sourceresolver.
But, quite a lot of calls might be done only once, and afterwards
cached, like a file://import in an xsl. Afterwards, this one is cached,
and the location for checking its validity wont be resolved by the
sourceresolver. Context does not make any sense, because it is the same
for all request. Then you should bind them to a session, but you really
dont want this. 

I really don't understand why you want this, and i do not think it is


> I tried implementing this by making my SourceFactory Contextualizable,
> but this didn't end up working in the end because concurrent requests
> would come in and set a different context before processing had
> completed on the prior request.
> Is there a way to accomplish this?  It's actually very important I be
> able to track each Source read throughout the pipeline.
> Thanks a lot,
> -Danny Robert
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