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From Joose Vettenranta <>
Subject Re: problem with headers
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2007 12:39:15 GMT
Mark Lundquist kirjoitti 13.1.2007 kello 23.31:
>> I have like this in sitemap:
>>       <map:match pattern="internal/action/upload">
>>        <map:read type="resource" src="{flow-attribute:path}/{flow- 
>> attribute:file}" mime-type="{flow-attribute:mimetype}" />
>>      </map:match>
>> It works for some but not for every file I have.
>> For the ones it does not work, result is like  this: http:// 
> That's really weird.  Some thoughts:
> 1) You say you think it has to do with mime type.  Why?

Because matcher with static mime-type works ok, but when I change  
mime-type per request -> no luck.

> 2) There's nothing in that explains why you  
> would get this bogus Content-Length header inserted into the  
> payload of the HTTP response;

Well, I said this is odd =)

> 3) If this were broken, lots of people would have this problem,  
> because ResourceReader is used all the time to serve plain old  
> static content;

It works when I don't dynamicly change mime-type with every request.

> 5) You say your pipeline works "for some images and not for  
> others" (or something along those lines).  I'll bet the same ones  
> are always broken, right?


> I'll bet you have some image files that are just crapped up from  
> the start, I mean just the plain files right there on the disk!   
> I'll bet they are corrupted, and the reader is working just fine.

Hmm.. Nope. I have for images like this on filesystem:

<id> = original image
<id>.thumb = thumbnail
<id>.biggerthumb = thumbnail
<id>.info = information about image

for thumbnails I have static mime-type: image/jpeg - works ok

for original images I have dynamic mime-type..

thumbnails always works. Also original files are correct and not  
corrupted. I have also tried to copy thumbnail to original image ==  
no work. What makes me think it's about mime-types is that when  
Firefox tries to show image/something it always says image is type  

I made now it so that it (matcher) is in noncaching pipeline and it  
seems to work when I set content-disposition header with action. So  
it might indicate problem with caching and mime-types.

- Joose

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