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From "Carlos Maté" <>
Subject JX generator Vs jx transformer
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2007 17:57:12 GMT
In cocoon 2.1.10
I've token a look to cocoon\samples\blocks\forms\pagination
the example  uses  <map:generate src="{1}.tpl.xml" type="jx"/>
In my sitemap, because I needd xinclude before apply jx transformations, I
<map:generate src="{1}.tpl.xml" />
<map:transform type="xinclude"/>
<map:transform type="forms"/>
<map:transform type="jx"/>
Doing this change


doesn`t runs.

I have to use jx transform istead of jx generator because in my template I

<xi:include href="pags.xml"/>

And pags.xml:

<ft:group id="oar">

  <ft:widget id="OrPor"><fi:styling type="hidden"/></ft:widget>

   <jx:if test="${sizeDatosTotal > 1}">

    <ft:widget id="flagAsc"><fi:styling type="hidden"/></ft:widget>



I'd like first do the xinclude transform and then generate but I think that
it is not possible. So I must use file generator and the jx transformer
after xinclude but if I don`t use jx generator paginator sample doesn't run.

Any help ?


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