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From "Steven D. Majewski" <>
Subject flow param to xslt transform
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2007 17:44:01 GMT

I take it that since XSLT transformer is not listed as being  
that to pass a param from flowscript to XSLT, I need to either:

[1] use use-request-parameters:
	<map:transform src=... >
           <map:parameter name="use-request-parameters" value="true" / 
     and append the params to the URI as request params in my  
sendPage call.

[2] Set the parameters in the sitemap using {flow-attr:param}

	<map:parameter name="paramname" value="{flow-attr:param}" />

Is that accurate?

If this is for an internal only pipeline, does it make a difference  
which method ?

-- Steve Majewski  / UVA Alderman Library


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