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From Mark Lundquist <>
Subject Re: Access items from a selection list from within flowscript
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2007 21:27:55 GMT

On Jan 16, 2007, at 9:44 AM, I wrote:

> Yeah, but what I don't understand is why getItems() isn't part of the 
> SelectionList interface.

I guess the reason DynamicSelectionList doesn't have getItems() is that 
it's more "dynamic" than you expect :-).  DynamicSelectionList doesn't 
really "have" items at all.  It knows how to get the items from a 
source and write them directly to a SAX stream, as it's called upon to 
do when the form is generated for display.

Ralph, if you think it would be really useful for this class to support 
getItems(), I suggest you post it as a feature request to JIRA; maybe 
summarize your usage scenario to lend strength to the case... :-)

best regards,

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