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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject Re: Mapping favicon
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2007 19:56:40 GMT
On 1/29/2007 12:47 PM, Manuel Mata wrote:
> Hi all.
> I want to put a favicon on my application which is
> under "abc" context, so when i write
> "http://localhost:8888/abc/" it put my icon on the
> left of the url if you use Firefox ( i think you know
> what i mean).
> I matched it with this code on my sitemap
> <!-- favicon -->
> <map:match pattern="favicon.ico">
>   <map:read mime-type="image/x-icon"
> src="include/images/favicon32x32.ico"/>
> </map:match>
> but it doesn't work.
You may want to check for full info 
on favicons... traditional usage and newer practice.

The basic thing to know here is that traditionally, favicons were 
associated with web *servers*, not web pages, and were assumed to be at 
http://hostname/favicon.ico, i.e. in the root folder (of URL space at 
Assuming your subsitemap is not mounted at the root folder... e.g. it's 
probably mounted with a prefix such as "myapp"... your subsitemap 
matcher for favicon.ico will only match 
"http://hostname/myapp/favicon.ico". But your browser asks for a favicon 
at "http://hostname/favicon.ico", which will not match the matcher in 
your subsitemap.
>  I see that on the cocoon main
> sitemap there is a matching like
> 'pattern="**favicon.ico"' so i think that it matches
> all favicons on all requests anywhere it is and
> returns the cocoon one ("resources/icons/cocoon.ico").
> So i get some questions:
> 1. Why doesn't it match mine if it is processed first
> than cocoon main matching ?
In the Cocoon top-level sitemap, which comes first: the **favicon.ico 
matcher or the matcher that mounts your subsitemap?
The matcher that mounts your subsitemap may be
    <map:match pattern="mount/*/**">
      <map:mount check-reload="yes" src="mount/{1}/" 
    <map:match pattern="*/**">
      <map:mount check-reload="yes" src="{1}/" uri-prefix="{1}"/>

If the favicon matcher comes first, that's why any requests for favicons 
end up using Cocoon's favicon instead of yours, even if the request is 
for a non-root-folder favicon (e.g. "http://hostname/myapp/favicon.ico").

> 2. Is the request/respones cycle of favicon from the
> browser always done to
> "http://localhost:8888/favicon.ico" or
> "http://localhost:8888/abc/favicon.ico" ?
Traditionally the former. See above. But in most modern browsers, you 
can add <link> elements in your html <head> to specify what URL you want 
to use for the favicon.

> If i point to "http://localhost:8888/abc/favicon.ico"
> i get my icon
So you must have your subsitemap mounted before the "**favicon.ico" 
matcher in the Cocoon top-level sitemap.
> but if point any other url mapped i get
> the page but not my icon (i get the cocoon one) ...
That's consistent with the above.
> I'm really confused with this. I hope anyone can help.
> Thx in advance.
Hope the above helps. If you have more questions, let us know.
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