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From Jeroen Reijn <>
Subject Re: parameters for wsproxy, or generators in general
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2007 18:32:21 GMT
Hi Lars,

I'm not familiar with the WSProxy generator, but I'll try to help out as 
much as possible.

Lars Huttar wrote:
> Hello,
> The doc page for Web Services Proxy, 
>, says
>    "If the remote site requires authentication, then the developer of 
> the local web site has to pass the user credentials as parameters to the 
> WebServiceProxyGenerator."
> I've searched around without success for documentation on what those 
> credentials parameters are called. (This is a documentation gap that I'd 
> be willing to correct, if I can find the right answers.)
> In samples/blocks/proxy/README.txt, two parameters to wsproxy are 
> listed: wsproxy-method and wsproxy-session. Cool.

What I think they mean is that you will have to send them in your 
request. It should look something like:


That's at least the normal http syntax of sending a username and 
password with your request.
> However I can't find anything about user credentials for authentication. 
> Maybe the wsproxy docs mean that I should send user credentials as 
> *request* parameters in the src attribute of the wsproxy generator? But 
> that sounds like I'd have to send the password in plaintext... right? 
> Does this only work for http basic authentication?

Yes I think the above method only works for basic authentication.

> If the answer to that is no, it's not talking about *request* 
> parameters, there are <map:parameter> parameters for the wsproxy 
> generator for username and password... then where can I find out what 
> they're called, or verify that they're recognized?

No as far as I can see in the source code of the generator you cannot 
explicitly specify the username and password.

> This generalizes to a question I've often had, when the Cocoon docs 
> don't list the parameters for a sitemap component: how do you find out 
> what they are? The Javadoc for the component class (e.g. 

> generally doesn't tell you, unless somebody thought to enter it in the 
> description. All you get is the fact that the setup() method takes a 
> "Parameters" argument.

Did you look at the generator tutorial page?

It describes a bit what the Parameters object does.

> Anyway, having found the source file at 
> src\blocks\proxy\java\org\apache\cocoon\generation\, 
> I searched for "parameter".
> There is definitely recognition of the wsproxy-method parameter:
>        this.configuredHttpMethod = par.getParameter("wsproxy-method", 
> However, I can find no mention of wsproxy-session. Does this mean the 
> README.txt is wrong? (Surely the wsproxy-session parameter isn't 
> processed by some other class?)

I wasn't able to find the wsproxy-session as well. It might be that the 
README.txt file is outdated?

> On the more general level, am I looking in the right place to find 
> definitive information about parameters for a sitemap component?

Yes looking at some code and perhaps trying to create your own component 
always works out best for me.

I guess you missed this page, which explains a bit how to create your 
own sitemap component (in this case a generator).

> If the wsproxy generator can't handle user authentication, I'd like to 
> find out if the file generator or HTML generator can. But none of the 
> documentation pages for these generators lists parameters for 
> authentication. Any hints?

I'm not 100% sure, but I think most generators can handle basic 
authentication like I described above.

> Thanks,
> Lars
Kind regards,

Jeroen Reijn

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