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From 許議中 <>
Subject i18n and database
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2007 05:00:23 GMT

I'm try to put the i18n xml file to DB.

Here is the i18n setting in sitemap.xmap

		<map:transformers default="xalan">
			<map:transformer name="i18n" src="org.apache.cocoon.transformation.I18nTransformer">
				<catalogues default="messages">
					<catalogue id="messages" name="messages">

			<map:match pattern="i18n/messages_ja.xml">
				<map:generate src="i18n.xsp" type="serverpages"/>
				<map:transform src="sql2xml.xsl">
          <map:parameter name="l" value="ja"/>
				<map:serialize type="xml"/>

when I read the messages_ja.xml it's ok,

but when I use this to be the resource

      <map:match pattern="internal/protected">
				<map:generate src="content.xsp" type="serverpages">
          <map:parameter name="p" value="{request-param:p}"/>
          <map:parameter name="l" value="{request-param:l}"/>
				<map:act type="locale">
					<map:transform type="i18n">						
						<map:parameter name="locale" value="{request-param:l}"/>
        <map:transform type="session"/>
        <map:transform src="stylesheets/page2chtml.xsl"/>
        <map:transform type="encodeURL"/>

the system say i18n/messages_ja.xml not loaded: Source URI not found

Because I need to change the i18n frequently, How to use it.

Best Regards


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