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From Daniel Süpke <>
Subject Re: custom document generation
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2007 09:20:24 GMT
Mark Lundquist schrieb:
> Hi Daniel,
> On Jan 13, 2007, at 1:06 PM, Daniel Süpke wrote:
>> I used to work with struts and have some problems now getting into
>> Cocoon. Could you please give me a hint if I'm on the right track?
> Yes, you're on the right track :-).  What problems are you having?

Well, you know, reading documentation and actually coding stuff... ;)

>> I have to create an application which creates a document from an xml
>> source with only the parts that the user selected. This includes a
>> couple of steps:
>> 1. Choose a basic configuration (automatic selection of some parts of
>> the xml document to use). I thought of doing this by a CForm where the
>> chosen configuration is stored in the session.
>> 2. Based on the configuration in the session the user may now select in
>> detail which parts of the xml document he wants to use. I also want to
>> store all selected parts in the session with identifiers that are used
>> as attributes in the source xml document to indicate which parts to
>> include.
> That all sounds like a plan; the only part that sounds a little wonky is
> the "stored in the session" bit.  If it's a direct workflow of (1)
> select parts => (2) generate document, then you probably want to just
> store this information as local variables in the flowscript function
> implementing your workflow.  That's the easiest (most parsimonious in
> terms of code) way to implement it if you don't really need explicit
> session variables.
> Let us know if we can help further...
> cheers,
> —ml—

Thank you very much for your advice :) !

Daniel Süpke

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