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From Peter Flynn <>
Subject Re: Authentication puzzle
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 11:17:47 GMT
Armaz Mellati wrote:
> May I ask you what version of Cocoon you are using? 


> I ask because the documentation you are refering to is somewhat
> outdated if you are using 1.2.10 (may be even for 1.2.9). 

I was going to upgrade to the latest stable (2.1.10?) when I move this 
from the pilot machine to the production machine.

> I found out that in version 1.2.10 Cocoon is set up to use the new
> CoWarp authentication framwork (Which is a better one). 

I haven't looked at this. If that's where the future lies, I should 
move, but I'd be concerned if it's going to change again and again with 
every version.

> But things are different when using that. If you look at your
> cocoon.xconf, 

I thought I read somewhere that that file was obsolete and only retained 
for backward compatibility.

> you can find the following : "If you want to use the authentication
> framework, comment out the above line and uncomment the following
> line:"

Aha. Excellent. Very many thanks, I'll try it.

But if people recommend using CoWarp instead, I'll use it. However, I 
don't see any documentation at Is it still 
experimental or is anyone using it in production? Looking at the 
introduction at, it claims "If you look at the 
usual Cocoon configuration, the sitemaps, you will not see that your 
pipelines are only accessible for authenticated users." This is 
absolutely not true: the <map:act type="auth-protect"> makes it 
abundantly clear that my pipeline *is* subject to authentication. 
Perhaps the author meant something else.

Part of the difficulty is that it keeps on talking about "an 
application". I don't have any (yet) -- I just want to protect a single 
document, nothing else. Later on I'll want to extend that to whole 
applications, but to get it working and understand the mechanism, I need 
some *much* more explanatory documentation (like a worked example). Does 
anyone know if such a thing exists? I'm happy to do it and write the doc 
if I can find out how to make it work.


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