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From Craeg Strong <>
Subject catalog resolution for xsl:import in cocoon transformer not working for me
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2007 12:20:06 GMT

I am just getting back into Cocoon after a long hiatus.  I am using 
cocoon 2.1.10 on JDK 1.5 via Jetty server on Windows XP.

I have an xslt file with the following import:
txsl:import href="-//OASIS//XSL HTML DocBook V5.0//EN"

which I am trying to resolve using a catalog file:

The xslt is invoked as part of a very simple pipeline: map:transform 

I receive the following error message: 
C:\ade\src\com\arielpartners\knowledgebase\xsl\-\OASIS\XSL HTML DocBook 
V5.0\EN (The system cannot find the path specified)

So obviously the entity is not being resolved.  I believe my situation 
is unique because I use Docbook specializations that are
accomplished by overriding certain docbook XSLT rules (and therefore 
importing docbook).

This technique works perfectly in Ant using the xmlcatalog type.

Shouldn't this work in cocoon?  Has anyone gotten something like this to 
I searched the archives and documentation and couldn't find any examples 
that matched my usage pattern.

I guess my alternative would be to re-write my xslt as a preprocessor or 
postprocessor on the docbook xslt output and do it in
a two stage pipeline...?

Thanks in advance!


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