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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: Which one to use Cocoon 2.1 or 2.2?
Date Sat, 06 Jan 2007 00:45:29 GMT
Mikael Olenfalk wrote:
> Hi Everybody!
> I want to use cocoon to create a webdav enabled webapp with a plugin
> architecture and I just want to know which version to use. Should I go
> for 2.1 or for 2.2? 2.2 seems like a more natural choice because it
> contains OSGi support (so I have read), but maybe it isn't really
> usable yet.

Unfortunately OSGi support is not going into 2.2.  There was discussion 
and work toward doing so a while back but at some point that was removed 
from the scope so that 2.2 could be released sooner than later.  OSGi 
support is IIUC still planned for a post-2.2 release.  What you will get 
with 2.2 is a Maven-based build structure and a SpringFramework-based 
container, which are very nice features.

> This project of is just going to be a proof-of-concept so I don't need
> the stability of an officially released version. I have been reading
> the Users and Dev archives now for a couple of weeks and it really
> looks like 2.2 is going to be a huge step forward and it would be sad
> to miss all the new and shiny features :)
> What do you propose and/or what do you all use for your personal
> cocoon projects?

Personally I've found 2.2 works just fine already, as long as you're not 
concerned about API/configuration stability.  All my personal projects 
use Maven and Spring anyway so having Cocoon work with them natively is 
very nice.

For projects at work, though, I'm still sticking with 2.1.x since it's 
not acceptable to work against a moving target.

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