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From Toby <>
Subject Re: Syntax of registration.js
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 16:43:30 GMT
Peter Flynn wrote:
> var viewData = { "username" : form.getChild("name").getValue()
>                  "date" : form.getChild("date").getValue() }

The correct syntax has a comma between the fields:

var viewData = { "username" : form.getChild("name").getValue(),
                 "date" : form.getChild("date").getValue() }

> I don't know the syntax of the registration.js file.

It's a language called JavaScript or ECMAScript.  You can find all the
documentation you need on Google or you can buy a book.

> Incidentally, the original var viewData line did not end with a
> semicolon. Should it?

It's optional.  
I never use it, but people accustomed to C/C++/Java seem to like it :-P


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