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From Roel Croonenberghs <>
Subject Re: validation
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 10:42:57 GMT

I use the required attribute. And I get a  !  next to the filed. When I 
click that   !   then I get to see te message. But I want to (next to this 
behaviour ) that i can display a message at the bottom of my form to tell 
the user that the form did not validate. (because users tend to oversee 
these   !      even when they are in red)

so is it possible to check that at least 1 (one) field is not validated 
(it doesn't matter witch) and then show a message?


situation now after submit;

field1   myname *
field2   myadres *
field3          * ! 
field4   mytelephone *

* required

situation wanted after submit

field1   myname *
field2   myadres *
field3          * ! 
field4   mytelephone *

* required

There was a problem validating your form


"bart remmerie" <> 
20/12/2006 11:33
Please respond to


Re: validation

Dear Roel,

In your form-definition, you can declare whether or not a field is 
<fd:field id="..." required="true|false" state="...">

When a field has required="true", a message is displayed when the
field is not filled out (on form-submit) (when using standard

Next to that, fields that have the required="true" attribute, are
marked and a ! appears displaying the validation error (after
attempted submission)


2006/12/19, Roel Croonenberghs <>:
> Hello,
> I'm using cocoon widgets. I have a form with different widgets. Some are
> required, not all. How can I show one message if one of the required 
> is not filled in?
> tnx
> Roel

Bart Remmerie

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