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From Jeroen Reijn <>
Subject Re: which submitbutton was pressed?
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 10:50:26 GMT
Hi Niclas,

If you've defined the submit button as an fd:submit, you can react in 
flow based on the submitId of the form.

You can request the submitId from flow by using:



switch(form.submitId) {
   case "details":
   case "create":
   case "ok":
     redisplayForm = false;

I hope this helps you out.

Kind regards,

Jeroen Reijn

ZongoZongo wrote:
> Hi
> Couldnt solve the problem. But I am now using cforms. Inside the definition
> of the submitbutton you can set the <attribute/> tags.
> But the problem stays the same. How can I find out which button has been
> pressed und how can I extract the attributes? Please help. This is very
> fundamtel for my further work :-(
> greetings,
> Niclas
> ZongoZongo wrote:
>> Hi
>> One simple short question :-)
>> How can I get the name of the submitbutton that has been pressed in a form
>> (inside flowscript).
>> something like cocoon.request.getpressedButton() :-)
>> By the way, I am not using CForms. But I think, that doesnt change
>> anything.
>> THX,
>> Niclas

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