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From "Maurizio P." <>
Subject Fwd: json post
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2006 17:27:14 GMT
Wow! great, thank u very much. Btw i am quite newbie in compiling cocoon
modified blocks of code... may u be so kind to drive me in compiling it? is
it just a question of calling 'javac' ? (maybe
with some flag to create the .jar file and with some flag indicating where
should javac look for all other files imported, like apache's ones). I think
that it'd help me much if u could please paste here the command/steps u used
for compile (and use) it.

As soon as i'll get it compiled and installed, i'll surely verify it's cool

Thank U again for ur precious help and patience.

Best regards,
Maurizio P.

2006/11/7, Tal Shalif <>:
> Only a week ago I was in a need of a proxy generator which will handle
> POST/GET to generate HTML from external sources for embedding in my
> Forrest site. None of the generator classes seem to have done the job
> so I finally merged parts a proxy generated I found under Lenya with
> the Cocoon HTMLGenerator, with the built-in jtidy support. If none of
> the existing proxy generators do the job for you, try to compile the
> following and put a line like this in your sitemap.xmap:
> [ ... cut ... ]

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