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From Jan Behrens <>
Subject Re: forms binding for enum
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2006 08:28:14 GMT
Hi Mark,

thanks! Works now as expected and your explanation makes sense. May I ask 
one more question? I would like to validate the selection made by the 
user, depending on the state of an java object. If the selection is 
disallowed, a submit action should return to the input form and mark the 
input field as erroneous. What would be the approved way to do this? 
Should I implement a custom 

TIA and thanks again for the help!


Mark Lundquist <> schrieb am 27.11.2006 03:17:26:

> > Am I doing anything wrong here? If so, can somebody point me into the
> > right direction.
> Yes, lose the enum datatype and convertor (your selection list should 
> still be of the enum type).
> The datatype/convertor says that the target object of your binding is a 
> Java object of type f.q.n.Status.  You don't want that, because your 
> target object is an XML document, not a Java object.

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