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From "Stewart, Gary" <>
Subject RE: IE AJAX Focus Stuff (maybe a little off topic)
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 11:43:33 GMT

I wrote:
> I was thinking of maybe adding a function to set the focus of 
> the element after the update has been done but this might 
> present problems in itself. Just looking for any ideas or 
> suggestions but I shall take a look at the source (obviously 
> if I find a solution I will post the fix to save someone else 
> the headache). Looks like the 2.1.9 source I should be 
> looking at is ajax/cocoon.js though as my production system 
> is currently using 2.1.8 (I was having some problems with 
> DOJO) then  I think I should be looking at 
> org/apache/cocoon/ajax/resources/js/cocoon-ajax.js from the 
> ajax block.

Replying to my own messages. Sad ;).

Anyway I played around with the cocoon-ajax.js script and couldn't fix the problem. The main
thing I was trying was to do was update cocoon.ajax.BrowserUpdater.prototype.processResponse
= function(doc, request) so it got the active element at the beginning of the it's changes
and attempted to set the focus back to the same element after the changes had been performed.
Didn't seem to work though, unless you put a debug alert() message before every focus where
it worked fine (grrr...).

Ah well I might remove the offending on-change handlers for now and try and fix it again later
(maybe we'll have migrated to a real browser, I can live in hope).

If you do have any suggestions I'd love to hear then though.


PS: Should this be on the developers list?

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