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From "km" <>
Subject Re: Re: Cocoon, UTF-8 and encodeURI
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 08:20:14 GMT
HEllo again

I try it, but it did not help.

I have a Problem with empty spaces (e.s.). Cocoon make from e.s. "+" charackter and then come
IO.Exeption. If I use a javascript encodeURIU() it use for e.s. %20 but it don't work too.
But if I put %2520 - then works. The same is with german special characters (öäü).
F.e. Ä is %c3%a4 but it works if I have %25c3%25a4. (encodeURI())

Case in Cocoon:

I have a mail form. Built with XSLT. On submit I have to send all info to Database (I call
an webservice) and then I shoud send an email. But I can not start the webservice, becouse
of IO.Exeption.

What I do wrong?

If I look into my logs I see very strange charakters for every ÄÖÜäöü and similar.

Thank for every help.


> Hi,
> If nothing is specified, Tomcat uses the host&#39;s defaultencoding, for example
> If so, strings received by Tomcat are supposed to be in Cp1252
> If you encodeURI, your strings are in UTF-8
> Just add an attribute URIEncoding to the Connector in Tomcat&#39;sserver.xml
> &lt;Connector URIEncoding=&quot;UTF-8&quot; port=&quot;8080&quot;
>               maxThreads=&quot;150&quot; minSpareThreads=&quot;25&quot;maxSpareThreads=&quot;75&quot;
>               enableLookups=&quot;false&quot; redirectPort=&quot;8443&quot;acceptCount=&quot;100&quot;
>               connectionTimeout=&quot;20000&quot;disableUploadTimeout=&quot;true&quot;
> This should fix the problem
> On 11/28/06, km &lt;; wrote:Hello
> I have a problem when I encode special characters and empty spaces.I use encodeURI. Have
someone used it? Can someone help me? I usecocoon2.1 and tomcat.
> Thanks
> Kris
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