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From David Legg <>
Subject Fresnel + Cocoon = Metadata Marriage made in heaven?
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2006 17:32:40 GMT
Sorry for the cryptic subject line!

In essence I'm wrestling with a conceptual problem... how to format 
information for presentation in a manageable way.  In most Database 
projects you have a fixed schema that rarely changes except perhaps when 
the project is revised.  My data will be in the form of RDF in which the 
properties radiating from a resource can be many and varied.  Worse 
still, new types of RDF resources could be added on a daily basis.  An 
update cycle which involves manually re-writing an XSLT style sheet 
every day is untenable!

If you haven't come across it yet, Fresnel [1][2] is a newish language 
that allows you to express which bits of a given RDF resource should be 
displayed, which bits shouldn't, the order in which they should be 
listed, what styles should be applied to it, etc.  In many ways it looks 
to me to be a sort of XSLT for RDF.  It uses an XPATH selector-like 
structure to specify RDF resources and its own OWL based language to 
define the transformations.  The result is an XML tree structure; ripe 
for processing through Cocoon's pipeline.  Some older Cocoon users may 
even recognize Stefano Mazzocchi's name in the contributor list ;-)

With Fresnel, it might be possible to dynamically add new resource 
formatting instructions and hence solve the problem.

Has anyone looked at using an implementation of Fresnel in a Cocoon project?
Has anyone got any constructive ideas on how to employ Cocoon to format 
data in a dynamic, non-manually updateable fashion?

[1] Fresnel info -
[2] Fresnel presentation -

- David

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