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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject Re: Problem with Session under Cocoon 2.1
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2006 14:11:20 GMT
km wrote:
> Hello Thanks for your answer. Sorry for my english :) I try to do it
> with other browsers - one catalog in ie and another in ffox. but it
> didn't work. I think I rewrite the cocoon session, not only the
> browser session. Is cocoon able to handle multisession?

Yes, absolutely -- it would be kind of dumb if it didn't handle multiple 
sessions, that would defeat the whole purpose of sessions anyway. 
Actually, Cocoon just uses the HttpSession provided by the servlet 
container (Tomcat, Jetty, etc.) so it's not even Cocoon-specific.  I'm 
assuming that by "multisession" you're talking about multiple 
HttpSessions; I'm not familiar with the term multisession so maybe 
you're talking about something else?

>>> Hello
>>> I have a problem with Session (Multisession) under cocoon. I'm
>>> using Cocoon with an DB and I use it for the catalog viewing. If
>>> I use one window (browser) it is everything ok. If I use two or
>>> more windows, with others catalog (first window catalog one,
>>> secound window catalog two) I have a problem with session.
>>> Session of window one (catalog one) is rewrited with session from
>>> window two (catalog two). Can someone help me?
>> Oooooow, I first did not understand your problem, but I think I do
>> now. I am not to familiar with the exact working of sessions
>> (mozilla also works differently the explorer), but I think your
>> problem is not really a problem in my opinion. If you have a
>> session open, and you have a new window or a popup, and request to
>> the same server, I think you just maintain the same session. This
>> really is common for every framework, because I think it is how a
>> browser works in combination with tomcat or jetty.  Why would you
>> want to have different behavior? Probably, not opening another
>> window, but another *browser* (like, you have explorer session, now
>> open mozilla), this will create a seperate session, and will behave
>> according your expectations
>> Regards Ard
>>> Thanks
>>> Kris
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