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From Fred Vos <>
Subject Re: CForms: tree widget sample
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2006 23:04:06 GMT
On Tue, Oct 24, 2006 at 09:15:25PM +0200, Lars Geldner wrote:
> Dear Cocoon users and developers,
> in a pilot project I want to write a CForms tree widget to visualize a hierarchical structure
stored in a database. I've studied the CForms tutorial at Apache's Cocoon site but the information
was very "basic".
> Is there any best practice guide/samples how to write a (Java-) Tree Model based on a
database for a tree widget?
> Thanks in advance!
> Regards,
> Lars Geldner

Hello Lars (and Tino),

Making a Tree model based on the samples is not easy. For a pilot project we
started about a year ago at work, we needed a tree model based on an XML
document. I managed to create a working 'thing', but that reads an XML document
using an URI, like "file:///path/to/document.xml" or
"". It cannot use SAX events, so it cannot
use "cocoon:", it uses an extra library (xom) and uses code from the
samples. People asked me to submit my code, but I think it's not a good idea
to use it, unless you don't have a choice.

I'm not an experienced Cocoon developer. The CForms stuff is really difficult
to comprehend and I think the tree widget is the most complicated of all
widgets. You'll see that the code of the tree widget still has an
experimental/demo status.

If we had a tree widget that could be initialized with a static piece of XML
in the form definition or with an 'external' XML document or using javascript,
that would suffice everyone's needs. See the selection list widget. I tried to
find out how to change the code for this, but one needs a lot of time to do
that, and a tutor. If someone wants to introduce me or others to the CForms
code, I'd like to build this, in cooperation with others. Next years hackaton?

For your tree widget, based on a database, you can use my code as a sample and
I can help you getting this tree model working, but I still think the solution
in the previous paragraph is the way to go. If you want my code, send me an
e-mail and I'll help you until it works.


|E  R
| D  F
|fred at fredvos dot org
|5235 DG 52 NL +31 73 6411833

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