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From "Paritosh Patel" <>
Subject Setting Java variables in esql (in XSPs)
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 10:44:56 GMT
In an XSP, I am having difficulty setting a Java variable to a value
that I get back from a DB. My code continues to have compile error. My
example code would be:

            Strubg upw = request.getParameter("password");
            String dbpw = new String("");


                        <!-- try to set variable dbpw for later testing -->
                        <... But this does not compile -->
                        dbpw = <xsp:expr><esql:get-string


            if (dbpw.compareTo(upw) == 0)
            {  ... do something ... }

Being very new to XSPs and new to how passwords are handled, can anyone help me?

Also, I've read that one can look at the Java source code generated,
but the file must be promptly deleted. How do I tell Cocoon to NOT
erase the Java source file after compilation?


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