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From "Sumedh Shirodkar" <>
Subject Re: difference betn configuration and parameters
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 20:52:34 GMT
here is the config method

public void configure(Configuration config) throws ConfigurationException {
   Configuration child;
    child = config.getChild("solid_exe");
    this.pathToExe = child.getValue();
    child = config.getChild("temp_dir");
    this.tempDir = child.getValue();

inside the generate() method, I am calling another method that is supposed 
to use this.tempDir

File tmpFile = File.createTempFile("temp",".pdf", new File(this.tempDir));

it is failing at this point.
the error log says:

http-8000-Processor24/ErrorHandlerHelper: Failed to process reader

followed by a nullpointerexception at that line.


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