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From "Ard Schrijvers" <>
Subject RE: XML Serializer ?
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2006 11:17:11 GMT
Hello Edward,

I am not sure what your level yet is of cocoon, but I do think somewhere you are now thinking
in the wrong direction..(perhaps I am wrong, forgive me, and perhaps my thing below is way
to simple for you....anyway )

A cocoon pipeline typically consists of a generator (perhaps aggregated), then zero, one,or
more transformers, and then one serializer. A pipeline without a generator or transformer
is not a complete one. 

Now, cocoon has some (very many :-) ) standard things you can use, like generators:

for example 

file generator
jxtemplate generator
image directory generator
request generator
directory generator
calendar generator, and many many more

and like transformers, for example

sql transformer
ldap transformer
webdav transformer
xsl transformer
i18n transformer
linkrewriter transformer, etc etc

and like serializer, for example

html/xhtml/xml/text serializers
pdf serializer
svg serializer
zip archive serializer, etc, etc

Now, from MPOV, make use of the standard available components, and only use a custom one if
really necessary. 

Now, coming back to your email, I have the idea that you are mis-using the serializers in
the first place. What are you replacing in the startDocument() things....are you matching
on elements and replacing them with others? It really sounds to me like you want to do transformations!!
And perhaps just simple xslt. Or, I might be missing the point.

Now, your question about passing the entire input XML to another class is possible, but default,
peoply do this in a transformer, not in a serializer! (I actually think you also totally destroy
cocoon's free caching it provides for you when you are going to implement custom method calls
in the serializers (or you have to account for it in  someway) )

I think, if you really need some custom things, like you have some xml that needs to be send
to another server, and you get a response from it, you need a transformer for it (or a generator).
A good example for you would be the webdav transformer. It transforms a dasl (a search in
xml), by recording some xml stream and executes the dasl.

You just need a custom transformer, extend AbstractTransformer, and look how the WebDAVTransformer
handles the startRecoring things.

Hopefully this clears things up a little

Regards Ard 

hey guys,

I am new to this forum and cocoon as well.
I have seen the source code for the serializers and have gone thru the various methods like
startElement(), startDocument(), endDocument(), characters etc.

I was also able to create a new serializer extending AbstractSerializer and over-riding the
methods shown above.
Now for another serializer that I am working on, I need a way to pass on the whole input XML
(stream) to another class and am having a hard time figuring out how can I access the whole
XML inside the serializer?

any inputs on the same?



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