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From Richard Light <>
Subject Re: FileUploadManager
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 13:41:45 GMT

Just to report back: I have now got file uploading working, but only 
because I found this resource through a search of the Wiki:

This code compiled and ran first time.  Shouldn't this page be linked to 
from the general upload pages?

I never did have any luck with the Flow technique described in

because, I think, of a class loading error which prevented Cocoon from 
initializing itself.  Are other Cocoon users happily using the Flow 
technique for uploads?

Richard Light

In message <EC$>, Richard Light 
<> writes
>Does anyone have any thoughts on this problem?  I've spent the whole 
>day not getting any further with it, although I now understand a bit 
>better how Cocoon works.
>The problem is definitely in the second half of the Wiki "how to" 
>description (setting up a FileUploadManager):
>I have faithfully carried out steps 1-5, and this certainly has an 
>effect, but when I re-start Cocoon I get an initialisation error as 
>outlined below, whatever page I try to access.  Interestingly, the 
>error message is the same whether or not I have copied the 
>cocoon-upload jar into the WEB-INF\lib directory.  (Does this suggest 
>it is looking in the wrong place for it? If so, what setting controls this?)
>Richard Light
>-----Original message-----
>Subject: FileUploadManager
>From:    Richard Light <>
>Date:    Fri, 29 Sep 2006 17:57:09 +0100
>In message <>, Joerg Heinicke 
><> writes
>>On 20.09.2006 17:11, Richard Light wrote:
>>> After much trial and error, I was able to get it at least start (I 
>>>haven't tried actually uploading any files yet!) by altering the 
>>>user.xroles file provided on the Wiki page.  I changed the shorthand 
>>>attribute in the <role-list> element from "upload_manager" to 
>>>"upload-manager", and the loading problem went away.  Strange but true!
>>I think the @shorthand must only match the entry (element name) in the 
>>cocoon.xconf. So the wiki entry looks ok for me. Are you sure, you 
>>only changed it in the roles file?
>Now that I have 2.1.9 installed, I'm coming back to this issue.  You're 
>quite right: the user.xroles @shorthand simply needs to match the 
>element name in cocoon.xconf.
>However ... what I am finding is that if they _do_ match, I get an 
>initialization problem:
>Message: org.apache.cocoon.components.upload.FileUploadManagerImpl
>org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.ConfigurationException: Could 
>not get class
>Sender: org.apache.cocoon.servlet.CocoonServlet
>Source: Cocoon Servlet
>The file cocoon-uploads.jar (which contains the definition of the 
>FileUploadManagerImpl class) is sitting in the directory WEB-INF\lib, 
>but Cocoon is clearly failing to find it.  Do I need to declare it 
>somewhere else, e.g. in the sitemap?
>Richard Light
>SGML/XML and Museum Information Consultancy
>-----End of original message from Richard Light-----

Richard Light
SGML/XML and Museum Information Consultancy

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