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From Jeroen Reijn <>
Subject Re: SetterAction (Session)
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 13:55:37 GMT
Hi Raffaele,

Merico Raffaele wrote:
> I tried to use it in various ways but I never got the usage that I need. And
> that is: 
> a) I would like to read a part of the URL (i.e. skin name, not as request
> parameter), 

yes cocoon can do this for you if you want by matching the specific part 
of your url:


a matcher looking like: pattern="*/**"

would give you the skinname in {1}.

> b) store this information in the session and 

Yes I guess you can do this by using the session transformer if you want 

> c) reuse the session value with the sitemap input modules {session:...} or
> {session-attr:...}

Yes this a correct approach to use.
> I would very appreciate if anybody could tell me if the above described
> SetterAction/InputModule is the right mix of functionality or if there is
> another way to achieve my goal.  

Yes this is one way. Another solution is passing your page through 

You can then set your session from flowscript and request the session 
information with the same session inputmodule in the sitemap.

> For your support many thanks in advance ... Raffaele  

You're welcome!

Jeroen Reijn

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