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From Abbas Mousavi <>
Subject transversable generator and exist sources
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 02:30:39 GMT

Hi all

I am using cocoon 1.2.10-dev with eXist 1.1.rc2-newcore. when I use 
Transversabledirectoy generator 
on an eXist source (with xmldb:exist potocol) I get somethig like this:

<collection:collection name="math" uri="xmldb:exist:///math" 
lastModified="0" date="1/1/70 3:30 AM" size="-1" sort="name" reverse="false" 
<collection:collection name="001" uri="xmldb:exist:///math/001" 
lastModified="0" date="1/1/70 3:30 AM" size="-1"/>

always all modification dates are 1/1/70 3:30 AM and all sizes are -1.  
anyone knows why?


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