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From "Robby Pelssers, AGP" <>
Subject Is it possible to change the layout of Widgets with AJAX=true
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 20:16:35 GMT
Hi all,
I have following problem: 
Suppose I have a set of objects whose properties I either want to show in
Mode 'edit' or  'output'.  Depending on some event (user changes Mode of one
object by 
clicking on button in repeaterrow),  I want to change the state of the
property-i widgets from 'output' to 'active'. Also I would like myl layout
to change like example below.  In non-ajax mode this is no problem, since
the jx-template is processed again.  How could I accomplish this behaviour
with AJAX=true ??
In my jx-template looks like this:
<ft:repeater id="ObjectSet">
      <ft:repeater-rows>  <!-- one repeaterRow matches one object of the
ObjectSet -->
          <jx:when test="${Mode.equals('edit')}">
              <td><ft:widget-label id="property1"/></td>
              <td><ft:widget id="property1"/></td>
              <td><ft:widget-label id="property2"/></td>
              <td><ft:widget id="property2"/></td>
               <td><ft:widget id="property1"/></td>
               <td><ft:widget id="property2"/></td>



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