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From "Antony Grinyer" <>
Subject Handling non XML structures in pipelines?
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 12:41:24 GMT
Hi all,


Our scenario is simple, we have a service that returns some strings in a
comma delimited format and we'd like to use that data in cocoon for
various transformations, however is it possible to do something at the
generator stage to convert this string into XML or does the source of
the generator (e.g. file, stream) have to be in an XML format in the
first place i.e. editing our service application to return XML is the
only option? 


I guess what we're asking is whether cocoon can handle non XML formatted
data? We do not want our service to depend on the client as to what
structure we return, such as XML.


Many thanks in advance,




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