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From "Geert Josten" <>
Subject RE: RE: SaveFilesTransformer
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 13:06:45 GMT
Hi Rachid,

I'm not sure I understand you fully, but to set filepath dynamically you
have a few options I guess:

1. Use an input module to read the value and pass it to the XSL with a
construct like this:

	<map:parameter name="filepath" value="{request-param:outputdir}"

(this reads a request-param named 'outputdir' and replaces the {..} part
by the value)

2. Same thing, but wrapped in an action that sets a parameter or wrapped
in a FlowScript call that sets a request-param, request-attribute or

3. Forget about the filepath parameter alltogether and change the XSL to
inspect the input (result from cocoon:/wohland), to get an output path
from there.

4. ...

Kind regards,

> Hi Josten,
> thank you very much for help
> it work very nice :)
> i have another Question. the filepath is dynamic i get it 
> from "cocoon:/wohland"  or from Servelt Application.
> how can i acces "the path" during Sitemape like "global variable"?
> Rachid Harradi

> >             <map:transform src="saveFile.xsl">
> >               <map:parameter name="serializer" value="html" />
> >               <map:parameter name="filepath"
> > value="E:/temp/objectionhtml.html" />
> >             </map:transform>
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